Amazing Apple Pay Statistics for 2023 That Will Surprise You (2023)

Apple, as a brand, is known for providing extra convenience to its user base. Since 2007, the iPhone has supported the idea of using one device for all entertainment purposes. With the introduction of Apple Pay in 2014, Apple added a new function to the iPhone and turned it into a digital wallet. It allows users to pay for their music, movies, and apps with one simple touch. In recent years, thanks to the expansion of NFC technology, mobile wallets are also useful for offline shopping but do people use them this way?

Today’s Apple Pay statistics will shed some light on the adoption and usage rate of the service and help you understand its current state.

Top 10 Apple Pay Statistics & Facts

  • 92% of all the mobile wallet payments done in 2020 in the US were made with Apple Pay.

  • Apple Pay’s market share of online payments is 6.21%.

  • Transactions made via Apple Pay account for 5% of all card transactions in the world.

  • 39% of Americans have never heard of Apple Pay.

  • 40,145 businesses in the USA accept Apple Pay.

  • 200,693 websites in the USA accept Apple Pay.

  • Apple Pay is supported by 5,480 banks worldwide.

  • There are 2.3 billion mobile wallets in the world, 507 million of which are Apple Pay.

  • 45.4 million Americans used Apple Pay to make at least one transaction in the last month.

  • 73.1% of Gen Z mobile wallet users used Apple Pay to make an in-store purchase during a period of one week.

Apple Pay Market Statistics

92% of all the mobile wallet payments done in 2020 in the US were made with Apple Pay.

The number of total mobile wallet payments done in 2020 was two billion, which is a 51% increase from the year before. Apple Pay benefited the most from this surge of mobile wallet debit transactions, completely outperforming the competition and dominating the mobile payment market. In the same year, the payments done with Samsung Pay only accounted for 5%, and Google Pay was the payment method used in only 3% of the transactions.

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While Apple Pay may be dominating the mobile wallets market, it is still a small-time player in the much bigger online payments market. The lion’s share of online payments, or 56.55% of them, are made with PayPal, while Stripe accounts for 20.94% of the online transactions. This places Apple Pay in third place, above, which has a 4.19% share, and Google Pay, which accounts for 3.26% of all online payments.


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Apple Pay transactions account for 5% of all card transactions in the world.

According to future forecasts, this figure is expected to increase to 10% by 2025. Furthermore, Apple takes 0.15% from every transaction made on Apple Pay, which means it gets 15 cents for every $100 spent with the service. According to the 2019 Federal Reserve Payments Study, Americans spent $7.08 trillion through card transactions in 2018. This means that Apple’s 5% share of the card market was worth $350 billion, and Apple made $525 million of Apple Pay’s 0.15% cut in 2018.

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Apple Pay Adoption Statistics

43.5% of US consumers own a device that supports Apple Pay.

In order to use Apple Pay, users must own an iPhone 6 or a newer model. While the share of iPhone users that satisfied these criteria in 2015 was only 39%, nowadays, it is 96%. At the same time, the percentage of merchants who accepted contactless payments in 2015 was only 19%, and today it is 85%, according to the information on Apple’s website.

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16,568 businesses in the retail industry accept Apple Pay.

According to Apple Pay stats, retail companies account for the biggest share, or 23%, of all businesses that accept Apple Pay. The second biggest portion of 6%, or 4,520 companies, belong to the apparel and fashion industry. Additionally, there are also 2,951 wholesale, 2,539 manufacturing, and 2,391 consumer goods companies in the top five list of industries that use Apple Pay. In total, 71,053 businesses around the world use Apple Pay.


39% of Americans never heard of Apple Pay.

Only 10% of Americans used the service before and liked it, according to Apple Pay data from a recent survey. 1% of the respondents answered that they tried Apple Pay and didn’t like it, while 4% said they haven’t used it before but plan on trying it out in the future. The largest portion, or 46% of the US population, answered that they are not interested in using Apple Pay.


40,145 businesses in the USA accept Apple Pay.

Even though Apple Pay is now available across six continents and more than 70 countries and territories all over the world, the USA remains its number one market. Apple Pay user statistics show that the United Kingdom is in second place with 6,401 companies, and Canada is in third place with 4,697 businesses that accept it as a payment method. Another 3,614 companies in Australia and 1,046 in Germany constitute the top five list.


200,693 websites in the USA accept Apple Pay.

That is close to a third of the total number of websites (608,613) that accept Apple Pay in the world. The UK is the country with the second-most websites that accept Apple Pay with 41,846, while Canada is on the number three spot with 27,829 websites. Apple Pay stats also reveals that 6.53% of these websites are from the lifestyle category, 3.50% have to do with computer electronics, 2.65% are from the food and drink industry, and 2.20% are sports websites.

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Apple Pay is supported by 5,480 banks worldwide.

According to the latest information from 2020, the number of banks that support Apple Pay increased by 29%, from 4,250 in 2019. Just one year before, in 2018, only 2,707 banks in the whole world supported Apple Pay.

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Apple Pay Usage Statistics

There are 2.3 billion mobile wallets in the world, 507 million of which are Apple Pay.

While Apple Pay is the most popular mobile wallet service in the USA, the Chinese services Ali Pay and WeChat Pay have larger numbers of users, with 650 million and 550 million, respectively. This is largely due to the incredibly high mobile wallet adoption rate in China and the fact that the number of Android users is significantly higher than the number of Apple users. What’s also interesting is that the share of mobile payments with the Starbucks apps in the US is higher than the shares of Samsung Pay and Google Pay.

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45.4 million Americans used Apple Pay to make at least one transaction in the last month.

The above figure accounts for 16.2% of the entire American population. By next year, the number of people who use Apple Pay is estimated to increase to 48.7 million, or 17.3% of the US population. According to the Apple Pay growth projections, the service should penetrate the market slowly and steadily and reach 51.5 million users by 2024. The estimations for 2025 show that 54.2 million will use Apple Pay, and their number will grow to 56.7 million in 2026 and account for 19.7% of the US population.

(Insider Intelligence)

Only 6.1% of the transactions done at merchants that accept Apple Pay were done with Apple Pay in 2021.

The share of eligible transactions where Apple Pay was used has gone up and down over the years. According to Apple Pay adoption rate stats, it was at its lowest in 2015 when Apple Pay was used for only 5.10% of transactions. In 2017, it reached its peak at 6.9% and is yet to top this number. However, it is worth noting that at that time, only 23.4% of the merchants accepted Apple Pay, and today their number is much higher, resulting in a considerably larger number of eligible transactions.


63% of UK consumers used Apple Pay to pay in person.

At the same time, another 27% used it for a payment online. One of the more interesting Apple Pay facts is that the same percentage of US consumers used Apple Pay for an online transaction, though the portion of people who used it to pay in person is smaller at 56%. Canada also has a higher percentage of consumers who used Apple Pay for an in-person payment than the USA at 57%, but its share of consumers who made online payments is 22%.


73.1% of Gen Z mobile wallet users used Apple Pay to make an in-store purchase during a period of one week.

The Apple Pay statistics from a recent survey show that the service is most popular among the youngest generation. On the other hand, only 51.1% of Millennials and 55.3% of Bridge Millennials have used Apple Pay for an in-person purchase in the last week. Furthermore, the share of consumers from the Generation X that fit these criteria is 52.4%, and only 43.9% of Baby Boomers and seniors paid for an in-store purchase using Apple Pay in the last seven days.


66.7% of the consumers who used Apple Pay during a 24 hour period, used it to buy groceries.

Apple Pay usage stats show that buying groceries is by far the most common use case of the service. The second most common is the purchase of clothing or accessories, with 24.1% of consumers using it for this purpose. 20.3% used it to pay for fast food, 12.7% paid for gas, and 12.6% bought home furnishings using Apple Pay. The least common use case of Apple Pay is paying for building materials, and only 2.2% of users used it like this in the time period.


Apple Pay FAQ

When was Apple Pay released?

How widely is Apple Pay accepted?
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What percentage of places accept Apple Pay?

Where is Apple Pay used the most?

How many people use Apple Pay?


As the data suggests, Apple Pay is still growing, albeit rather slowly. Contactless payments is a tough market to break into, especially when people are already used to using other payment methods. While adopting Apple Pay might be the most convenient method for iPhone users, old habits die hard, so it might take a few more years until the service really takes off.

However, there are some promising Apple Pay numbers, like its domination of the mobile wallet market and its high usage rates in the USA, UK, and Canada, so better days for Apple Pay are to be expected.



How many people use Apple Pay 2023? ›

Number of Apple Pay users in the US

According to the latest Apple Pay statistics, the number of Apple Pay users is forecast to hit 55.8 million in 2023. This refers to mobile phone users aged 14 and above who pay for their purchases using Apple's contactless payment option at least once a month.

What are some interesting facts about Apple Pay? ›

Top 10 Apple Pay Statistics & Facts

Transactions made via Apple Pay account for 5% of all card transactions in the world. 39% of Americans have never heard of Apple Pay. 40,145 businesses in the USA accept Apple Pay. 200,693 websites in the USA accept Apple Pay.

What percentage of people use Apple Pay? ›

27% of respondents in the US and UK complete online payments using Apple Pay. Around 51% of global iPhone users have enabled Apple Pay. 73.1% of Gen Z mobile wallet users utilized Apple Pay to complete an in-store purchase during one week. 14% of Americans preferred Apple Pay as their payment method.

Does Apple Pay have a 43.9% mobile payment market share in the US? ›

iOS users accounted for 48% of activated Apple Pay worldwide. Apple Pay leads the U.S. mobile payment market by 43.9% market share. 92% of all U.S. mobile debit wallet transactions were Apple Pay. Apple Pay saw 5% of worldwide card transactions.

What is Apple's sales projection for 2023? ›

Wall Street expects $81.7 billion in sales, which would be down about 2.3% from last year. Apple's stock is up over 51% so far in 2023, hitting all-time highs.

What will happen to Apple in 2023? ›

Apple has already unveiled several major new products this year, including its first mixed-reality headset, called Vision Pro, and the 15-inch MacBook Air. But if history is any indication, there's still plenty more to come in 2023, potentially including an iPhone 15 equipped with USB-C and the Apple Watch Series 9.

What is the best thing about Apple Pay? ›

Apple Pay allows you to make easy, secure, and private transactions in stores, in apps, and on the web. You can also send and receive money with friends and family using Apple Cash (U.S. only). And with contactless rewards cards in Wallet, you can receive and redeem rewards when you pay using Apple Pay.

What is the largest amount Apple Pay? ›

The daily Apple Pay limit is the maximum amount that you can spend using Apple Pay in a single day. +1(909) 345-0014 The limit is set at $10,000 for most users, but it may vary depending on the user's payment card issuer and transaction history.

What is the most money on Apple Pay? ›

Per transaction, you can add up to $10,000. Within a 7-day period, you can add a maximum of $10,000.

What country uses Apple Pay the most? ›

As of December 2022, the most of the people who pay for their purchases online using Apple Pay are in the United States and Canada. 28% of Americans and 25% of Canadians make online payments using Apple Pay.

Why is Apple Pay so popular? ›

Because it is built on existing NFC technology, Apple Pay works anywhere NFC-based contactless payments are accepted. As of 2019, Apple Pay has overtaken Starbucks to become the most popular mobile payment platform in the United States, and it is on track to account for 10 percent of global card transactions by 2025.

Who has more users Apple Pay or Google Pay? ›

According to industry forecasts, Apple Pay is projected to be the leading digital wallet with 227 million users worldwide, up from 140 million users in 2018. Samsung Pay and Google Pay are expected to reach 100 million users each in 2020.

Do most Walmarts have Apple Pay? ›

Walmart, like Kroger before it, has refused to support Apple Pay and, instead, continues to push its own Walmart Pay platform. Whereas Apple Pay is contactless and requires users to simply tap their iPhone or Apple Watch on the payment terminal, Walmart Pay relies on QR codes instead.

Does Walmart market use Apple Pay? ›

The simple answer is, “no” you cannot use Apple Pay at Walmart. Despite the widespread popularity of Apple Pay, Walmart doesn't seem to be interested in supporting the payment method.

What banks compete with Apple Pay? ›

JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Wells Fargo and the four other banks behind the money transfer network Zelle are developing a digital wallet to challenge the dominance of PayPal and Apple Pay.

How many phones has Apple sold in 2023? ›

Annual iPhone Sales in the United States
YearSales (in million units)*
7 more rows

How many people use iPhones in 2023? ›

As of 2023, there are over 1.5 billion active iPhone users across the globe. There are more than 124 million iPhone users in the United States. With a 21% share, iPhone is second in the global smartphone market in 2023. Apple made $51.3 billion in iPhone sales for Q2 2023.

How many iPhone users are there 2023? ›

Almost 1.6 billion people use iPhones in 2023.

In 2020, the number of iPhone users worldwide reached 1 billion for the first time. Today, it's closing towards 2 billion if the trend continues.

Why you need an Apple Card in 2023? ›

Additional hidden perks

There is no annual fee, penalty fees, transaction fees, or any other fees. The only charge is interest if you carry a balance. And if you use the card for large Apple purchases, you may qualify for zero interest on those purchases.


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