Does Dunkin Donuts Take Apple Pay? [2023 Update] (2023)

‘Does Dunkin Donuts Take Apple Pay?’ is the most popular question at the moment.

Some people work hard, some others work smart, and some do both, however, the end result is getting paid. These days all the salary, incentives, and increments are getting credited to the bank accounts.

Earlier credit cards and debit cards had ruled the world, but the reign ended with the introduction of online transactions, Google Pay, at its most accepted usage GPay, and other digital wallets.

It did not take Apple Inc., a long time to launch its own payment-enabling platform, Apple Pay. Apple products have turned to symbolize a lifestyle rather than just a product. Whatmore, the company allows its users to create their own ecosystem using its various products.

We are living in a world where tech has established its dominance over all fields. We have not yet answered your question, ‘Does Dunkin Donuts Take Apple Pay?’, right? Well, the answer is yes. Dunkin Donuts takes Apple Pay.

Why does everyone want to know does Dunkin Donuts take Apple Pay? Since its launch, people have been wondering whether Apple Pay will be accepted in various nations, and in various payment outlets or not. People have wanted to know ‘Does Wawa take Apple Pay?’, ‘ Does Kohls take Apple Pay?’ ‘Does Publix Accept Apple Pay?’ and a lot more.

However, in this article, we are targeting on, whether Dunkin Donuts take Apple Pay or not.

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Apple Pay And Dunkin Donuts

What is this unusual combination? Wait, can we really call it an unusual combination? Maybe, no. It’s like the tech giant and donut king have come together to make a feast for the customers. Whether you are happy, sad, angry, disappointed or let it be anyone of the million feelings, food is something that you just can’t say no to.

Does Dunkin Donuts Take Apple Pay? [2023 Update] (1)

We all love food, burgers, pizzas, sandwiches, hotdogs, and a mouthwatering list. But the love for donuts hit differently, right? Who can turn away their head from a creamy, crispy donut? And when the cravings for donuts come alive, most of the people seem to choose Dunkin Donuts as their first and foremost option.

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Let’s get straight into the question.

Does Dunkin Donuts Take Apple Pay?

Yes, you can use Apple Pay to pay after buying anything from the Dunkin Donuts menu.

How To Pay At Dunkin Donuts Using Apple Pay?

You already know the fact that you can use Apple Pay both on your iPhone, and Apple Watch and also on your Apple Pay app.

Read further to know how to pay at Dunkin Donuts using each of these.

How To Pay At Dunkin Donuts Using Apple Pay App?

It is indeed a bonus point that you can place your Dunkin Donuts order before reaching the store. You can order ahead, reach the store by the time your order is ready to be served, and have it without any delay.

Dunkin Donuts App can be used by the customer as well. The donut king has their own app, the Dunkin Donuts App. Or the payment can be done at the counter using Apple Pay.

The Dunkin Donuts App, has the entire Dunkin Donuts menu, all Dunkin Donuts coffee, and all Dunkin Donuts flavors. One thing that should be done before proceeding to use Apple pay for the order that you made on the Dunkin Donuts app. This is to make sure that the store you are going to accepts Apple Pay.

This is specially said because even while all the stores accept Apple Pay, some stores could be offline at some times. There are also chances that some of the stores do not accept Apple Pay on some particular days or during certain hours due to some technical issues.

So you would have used Apple Pay at the store just the day before, but it might not be accepting it today. So just make sure this thing. The Dunkin Donuts App can be used on most Apple devices.Let’s see.

How To Pay Using Apple Pay In the Dunkin Donuts App?

  1. Install the Dunkin’ App on the device that you are using
  2. Open the app
  3. Click on the option Order Now button
  4. Enable the option Scan the stores
  5. Go through the Dunkin Donuts near me
  6. Choose the store that you want to go to
  7. Pick the items that you intend to purchase
  8. Click on the Checkout button
  9. Select Apple Pay from the payment options listed
  10. Tap I am ready
  11. Select drive-thru or pick-up
  12. Visit the store
  13. Pick up your order

Apple Pay can be used on Dunkin Donuts App. Let’s see what are the pros and cons of this option.

Apple Pay And Dunkin Donuts App: Pros And Cons

The Dunkin Donuts Apps have an on-the-go-order feature for its users. We have already mentioned that you can order ahead in Dunkin Donuts. This is the feature that lets you do this.

Let’s start the list with cons because these are some points that you should definitely know before rushing into an outlet that you find in the maps using the Dunkin Donuts near me feature.

Apple Pay and Dunkin Donuts Mobile App: Cons

The question, does Dunkin Donuts take Apple Pay does not exist anymore. We already know the answer.

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It is to be noted that Apple Pay might take longer to process the payment sometimes. If you are waiting at the back of a medium-long queue line, then you have plenty of time to do things.

Some of the users have reported that Apple Pay took their orders through the app, but it was not processed as fast.

Apple Pay And Dunkin Donuts Mobile App: Pros

If you placed a pre-order using the on-the-go-order feature, you can show the receipt of the same when you reach the store to get your order. If the order is not ready to be collected by the time you reach the store, it does not mean that you have to wait a long time.

It just means that your order has started to get prepared the minute the order was received and that you will have to wait just a few more minutes.

Using Apple Pay At Dunkin Donuts Counter: Pros And Cons

Apple Pay At Dunkin Donuts Counter: Pros

At the Dunkin Donuts counter, you can use the contactless payment method.

If you are a regular customer at Dunkin Donuts, Apple Pay is actually a time saver. You will not have to wait each time.

Apple Pay is also a great option to keep an account of your expenses as you can easily track your expenses using the payment history. At some of the Dunkin Donuts outlets, Apple Pay can be availed at the drive-thru itself which saves more time.

Apple Pay At Dunkin Donuts Counter: Cons

Sometimes, when you are at a store, trying to pay using Apple Pay, the payment machine can be a villain. It is because the contactless payment reader gets broken. In such cases, the machine won’t accept Apple Pay.

The user can ask whether other online payment options are available or not. Such cases cannot be resolved by the user. What you can do to still get your order will be to have a debit card or credit card with you or to carry some cash with you.

Why Should You Use Apple Pay?

This is a significant question. Why should one use Apple Pay? There are other established payment options and platforms, what makes Apple Pay stand apart from all these?

What is the benefit of using Apple Pay?

  1. Privacy
  2. International Use
  3. Easy To Set Up
  4. Rewards

Let’s get deeper into the benefits of using Apple Pay.

  1. Privacy

Apple Pay is highly secure because the platform does not auto-save the personal information of the user. The details are not stored in the Wallet app. Therefore there is no room to worry about a data leak.

  1. International Use

Apple Pay is accepted worldwide. It can be used in most nations to make payments.

  1. Easy To Set Up

You don’t have to be a tech pro to set up your Apple Pay. It takes only a few minutes of time to complete the setup.

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  1. Rewards

Apple Pay has reward options. When you spend a dollar on Apple Pay, you can get a reward. Keep in mind that you will not receive a reward for all the payments. When you get a reward, it gives you credit points. On reaching a certain level of credit points, the user can buy an Apple product or an Apple subscription.

You read that, it is easy to set up Apple Pay. Let’s see how to get it done.

How To Set Up Apple Pay On iPhone?

  1. Make sure your iPhone does not run out of battery in the middle of the payment
  2. Make sure the Wallet App in your iPhone is functioning properly
  3. Open the Wallet App
  4. Tap on Add a Card option
  5. Enter the details of the Credit Card
  6. Tap on Verify
  7. Complete Verification
  8. Wait for Confirmation
  9. Now Apple Pay is ready to use

How To Set Up Apple Pay On Apple Watch?

  1. Take your iPhone
  2. Open the Apple Watch App
  3. Tap on the My Watch button
  4. Tap on Wallet & Apple Pay
  5. Tap on Add a Card option
  6. Enter the details of the credit card
  7. Tap on Verify
  8. Complete Verification
  9. Wait for Confirmation
  10. Now Apple Pay is ready to use

After setting up Apple Pay, the next question is ‘how to buy Dunkin Donuts with Apple Pay?’

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How To Buy Dunkin Donuts With Apple Pay?

Dunkin Donuts can be bought with Apple Pay at the counter and through the Apple Pay app

How To Buy Dunkin Donuts With Apple Pay At The Counter?

At the counter, there are two methods to use Apple Pay at the Dunkin Donuts counter.

Confirm that the particular Dunkin Donuts outlet that you are in accepts Apple Pay. It is advised to set up Apple Pay on the device before going into the store.

If you are already at the store and have not set up Apple Pay, then you can register your Apple device via the Apple wallet to get started with mobile payments.

  1. Apple Pay On iPhone
  2. Apple Pay On Apple Watch

Let’s get into the details of each of the methods.

  1. How To Buy Dunkin Donuts With Apple Pay On iPhone?

Here is the step-by-step method to buy Dunkin Donuts with Apple Pay on iPhone.

  1. Inform the Dunkin Donuts staff at the counter that you will be using Apple Pay
  2. Open the Apple Wallet with the Apple Pay logo on your iPhone or the iOS device that you are using
  3. Place the device adjacent to the NFC reader (Near-Field Communication)
  4. Authorize Apple Pay transactions, either with Face ID or with Touch ID
  5. Wait for the green checkmark to appear on the screen
  6. Wait for the order that you placed
  7. Collect your order from the counter
  1. How To Buy Dunkin Donuts With Apple Pay On Apple Watch?

In order to use Apple Pay on Apple Watch, the watch should be paired to an iPhone that you have with you. The iPhone should already be registered as the Apple Watch that you are going to use to make the purchase of the Dunkin Donuts order.

  1. Inform the Dunkin Donuts staff at the counter that you will be using Apple Pay
  2. Double-press the side button on the Apple Watch
  3. Select the card that you want to use
  4. Place the Apple Watch near the NFC reader (Near-Field Communication)
  5. Wait for the beep
  6. Go to the Notification Center
  7. Confirm that the Apple Pay transaction was successful

How To Buy Dunkin Donuts With Apple Pay On Apple Pay Mobile App?

Let us repeat that, you should make sure that the Dunkin Donuts outlet that you are visiting accepts Apple Pay on the day you are there.

When Did Dunkin Donut Start Taking Apple Pay?

Dunkin Donuts has added Apple Pay to its contact method from December 7, 2015, onwards. Since Apple Pay was introduced users could reload their DD (Dunkin Donuts) cards.


By now, you have the answers to all the questions that you had when you started to read this article. You wanted to know does Dunkin Donuts take Apple Pay or not. The answer is, yes.

We also came across the ‘How To Pay At Dunkin Donuts Using Apple Pay?’, ‘How To Pay At Dunkin Donuts Using Apple Pay App?’, the pros and cons of using Apple Pay on both the Dunkin Donuts mobile app and at the counter.

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Other sections of the articles discussed the benefits of using Apple Pay, and the step-by-step methods to set up Apple Pay on iPhone and on Apple Watch.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Dunkin Donuts accept Apple Pay?

Yes, Dunkin Donuts does accept Apple Pay.

2. What forms of payment does Dunkin Donuts accept?

The other forms of payments accepted by Dunkin Donuts are Google Pay, Visa, American Express, MasterCard, and Discover.

3. Are there any charges for using Apple Pay for Dunkin’ donuts payments?

No. If you are using Apple Pay for Dunkin Donuts payments you won’t be charged extra fees.

4. Is there a cashback to use Apple Pay for Dunkin Donuts payments?

Yes, there are. Apple Pay offers cashback on some festive orders.

5. Are there discounts offered when using Apple Pay for Dunkin Donuts payments?

Yes, there are. But not every time you buy something from Dunkin Donuts using Apple Pay. Still, you can get discounts for some festive orders.

6. Does Dunkin Donuts Take Apple Pay Through Apple Watch?

Yes, it does. Dunkin Donuts accept Apple Pay payments made through Apple Watch.

7. Does Dunkin Donut Take Apple Pay On Dunkin Donuts App?

Yes, it does. Dunkin Donuts accept Apple Pay payments made through the Dunkin Donut App.

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8. Can you order ahead using the Dunkin Donuts App?

Yes, you can. The Dunkin Donuts app lets you order ahead.


Does Dunkin Donuts Take Apple Pay? [2023 Update]? ›

Thankfully, not only does Dunkin take Apple Pay, but using Apple Pay at Dunkin Donuts restaurants is a breeze! All you need is an Apple device, whether that's your iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch, with Apple Pay set up.

Can I pay with Apple Pay at Dunkin Donuts? ›

A well-known chain of coffee shops and bakeries with locations all over the country is Dunkin' Donuts, and they accept mobile payments for regular purchases like Apple Pay, which is a well-liked mobile payment option that lets customers pay with just a tap at checkout.

Why doesn t Apple Pay work on Dunkin app? ›

You also might need to update the Dunkin app and the software on your iPhone. If you are using an outdated version of the app or iOS, you can run into issues such as the app not working at all when you want to make a payment. And you also need cell service or a WiFi signal to use Apple Pay and the Dunkin app.

How do I set up Apple Pay 2023? ›

Set Up Apple Pay on Your iPhone
  1. Open the Wallet app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap the plus sign in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to enter your card details, including the card number, expiration date, and security code.
  4. Verify your card with your bank or card issuer.
Aug 2, 2023

Does Wendy's take Apple Pay 2023? ›

Does Wendy's take Apple Pay? The answer is yes! As of February 28, 2022, Wendy's officially started accepting Apple Pay through its iOS app. This means that you can now use Apple Pay to order food for take-out, dine-in, or at the drive-thru at Wendy's.

What forms of payment does Dunkin Donuts accept? ›

What are your accepted forms of payment? currently accepts American Express, Discover, MasterCard, Visa, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

Can you pay by phone at Dunkin Donuts? ›

To use one of these payment options, you will first need to add a form of payment to your Apple Pay or Google Pay account on your device. Then, when checking out in the Dunkin' App, choose either payment method or scan your phone at checkout when paying in-store.


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