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Home Depotis an American home improvement store chain with close to 2,300 locations and 400,000 employees. The company was founded by Bernard Marcus, Arthur Blank, Ron Brill, and Patt Farah in 1978 in Georgia, who had a vision of a home improvement superstore. Over the years,Home Depothas grown to become the largest home improvementretailerin the United States. Outside of the United States,Home Depotalso has locations in Canada and Mexico. But doesHome DepottakeApple Pay?

Introduction toApple Pay

Apple Pay is an easy-to-use, contactless payment method that works with your Apple devices like your iPhone and Apple Watch. You can think of Apple Pay transforming your physical Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover, and other credit/debit cards into a contactless card. Your iPhone or Apple Watch then becomes a contactless credit card.

You can useApple Pay to make contactless transactions in person at stores, through apps, or on the web foronline purchases. Apple Pay transactionsare a secure, safe way to make your payments. In an age where data is money, Apple stands out as one of the few companies not selling your personal information.

Gone are the days of waiting for change or having to use acredit cardreader that thousands of other dirty cards have already been in.Apple Payis a modern payment method for the modern world.

But doesHome DepotacceptApple Pay?

DoesHome DepotTakeApple Pay?

No, Home Depot doesn’t take Apple Pay. It’s a shame since Apple Pay is a safe, convenient, and simple payment method.

For a company that’s been innovative in other areas of the retail experience, it’s unfortunate that they haven’t implemented the one payment option that would change a shopper’s traditional checkout experience. Since it’s something shoppers want, we’re hopeful thatHome Depotchanges course and will acceptApple Paysoon. However, they have said that they have notime framefor supporting mobile payment methods.

DoHome Depot’s Card Machines SupportContactless Payment?

Interestingly, manyHome Depotlocations are already set up to takecontactless payment servicessuch asApple Pay. They just haven’t enabled it yet on theircredit cardNFC terminals! In some locations, it’s been like this for years with no change in sight.

Why Won’tHome DepotEnableApple PayOn Their Card Machines?

You might wonder whyHome Depothasn’t enabledApple Paysince their card machines already support it. We wonder too.

Home Depotwas supposed to acceptApple Pay back in 2015, but it never came to pass. They even had a press release announcing that they would start takingApple Paymobile payments! Below is an article on this failedApple Paylaunch:

Why did they never enableApple Pay? It’s unclear, but it could be tied toHome Depot’s acceptance ofPayPalin-store, which is still an option.

But Isn’tApple PayJust Hype?

If you haven’t usedApple Paybefore, you might not understand why it’s so popular. We didn’t understand it either, but once we set it up, we’ll never go back. Being able to pay by just tapping your Apple Watch oriPhoneis a leap forward from digging in yourwalletor purse.

Home Depot’s Contactless Shopping Options

To be fair toHome Depot,they do have other contactless shopping options. These options let you either avoid going into your local store or avoid going through a regularcheckoutline.

Home Depot’s Contactless Options Are:

Curbsidepickup: You can place a curbside order through their website or their app.

Home Delivery: You can place adelivery orderthroughHome Depot’s app or website.Select storesoffer same-day delivery while others provide next-day delivery. There’s typically a charge for this service which is frequently $79 with an additional $20 charge for a specific time slot. Although it’s pricey, it can come in handy if you’re ordering large quantities of building materials or equipment that won’t fit in your vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions AboutHome DepotandApple Pay

People often have specific questions aboutHome DepotandApple Pay. Here are some of the most common questions people ask.

IsApple Payaccepted everywhere?

No,Apple Payis not accepted everywhere, as we can see in the case ofHome Depotnot taking it. While the technology to accept it is widely available and often only requires aretailerto enable it, many stores still don’t take it as a form of payment.

What happens ifApple Payis not accepted?

IfApple Payis not accepted by a store you’re shopping in, you’ll have tocheckoutwith another form of payment. You can also make your displeasure at their lack of mobile payment options known and take your business elsewhere.

How do you know if somewhere acceptsApple Pay?

There’s a neat iPhone trick to finding out if a store accepts Apple Pay using Apple Maps. Open the Apple Maps app, search for the store you’re interested in, tap on the correct store result, and look at the store’s popup. If there’s an Apple Pay logo under the ‘Useful to Know” section, the store accepts Apple Pay as a payment method. If there’s no logo, they don’t accept Apple Pay.

Otherwise, you can look for anApple PayorNFClogo on display at the store, ask customer service, or find the answer using google search.

Can I pay with myiPhoneatHome Depot?

No, you can’t pay with youriPhoneat aHome Depotstore because they don’t accept digital wallets aspayment methods. This includesApple Pay,Google Pay, andSamsung Pay.

DoesHome Depotor Lowes takeApple Pay?

No, neitherHome Depotnor Lowes takesApple Payas a payment method. We hope that one of the two takesApple Payin the future since the other one would quickly offer it. Until one of them makes a move, though, there are no digitalwalletpayment options at either store.

What types of payment doesHome Depotaccept?

For in-store purchases,Home DepotacceptsVisacards,Mastercard,American Expresscards,Discovercards,Home DepotExpress ConsumerCredit Card,Home DepotCommercialCredit Cards(PROXandCRC),debit cards, prepaid cards, personal checks, business checks,Home Depotgift cards, and cash.

Home DepotacceptsVisacards,MasterCard,American Expresscards,DiscoverCards,Home Depot Consumer Credit Card,Home DepotCommercialCredit Cards(PROXandCRC), anddebit cards for online and in-app purchases.

DoesHome DepothaveAndroid pay?

No,Home Depotdoes not haveAndroid Pay, which is also calledGoogle Pay. WhileGoogle Payis a great mobile payment product, manyretailersare still behind the times.

CanPayPalbe used atHome Depot?

Yes, you can usePayPalto pay for your order online and in their app at Home Depot. In their physicalbrick-and-mortar stores, however, only thePayPalCash Card is accepted. As thePayPal cardis a physical card, it can’t be used to make contactless transactions in-store.

While some outdated sites say that you can usePayPaltocheckoutin-store using amobile numberand PIN, that’s not the case.Home Depotended support for this payment method several years ago.

DoesHome Depotoffer payment plans?

Yes,Home Depotoffers payment plans through its consumer and businesscredit cards. On personal purchases of $299 or more, you’ll benefit from 6 months of 0% financing.

You can also Klarna or Zip as a payment plan option, but only for online and in-app purchases.

Does theHome Depottake Afterpay?

No,Home Depotdoes not take Afterpay as a payment method. If you would like to use a similar payment plan provider, they accept Klarna and Zip (which used to be called Quadpay).

DoesHome Depotaccept Quadpay?

Home Depotaccepts Quadpay (now called Zip) as a payment method for online and app orders, but not in-store. You can use Zip online or in an app anywhere whereVisais accepted. Zip is a convenient payment plan that lets youcheckoutnow while paying in four installments over six weeks.

You can’t use Zip inside aHome Depotstore because they don’t acceptApple PayorGoogle Pay. You can use Zip at any store whereApple PayorGoogle Payis accepted. SinceHome Depotdoesn’t acceptApple PayorGoogle Payinside their stores, you can’t use Zip for in-store purchases.

DoesHome Depotaccept Venmo?

No,Home Depotdoes not accept Venmo as one of itsforms of payment. You can onlycheckoutwith Venmo at stores wherePaypalis fully accepted. Since you can only use thePaypalCash Card inside the store, you can’t use Venmo.

You can indirectly use Venmo bypurchasingHome Depotgift cardsthrough an online service such as egifter.

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